Why it is Important to Leave a Relationship That NoLonger Serves You

We all know in life that it is important to value your health and happiness. A
relationship that no longer serves you may be affecting that health and happiness in a big way.

Let’s imagine that you stay with your partner (even though you know you
shouldn’t). What could the consequences be?

Read on to find out.


“The longer you stay, the longer you will stay”. This happens a lot. It is so easy to gloss over
your problems and settle. After all, leaving requires a lot of thought, guts, time, but mainly
change. As human beings we often hate the idea of change, but if you find yourself in a
relationship that no longer serves you, be bold, make a change and give yourself a chance to
improve your health and happiness!


You begin to think you deserve less.

It starts out wonderful! This person treats you like no one ever has. Along the way, something has changed and now you are questioning your actions, their actions, your self-esteem and your sanity. As you continue to try to get back to the 'good old days' of the relationship, you start feeling like you caused this dynamic and that somehow you deserve this chaos.

The person for you can't get to you.

The right person for you won't approach you while you are in a relationship! The more time you spend in a relationship that you are settling for, the less time available to create the path for your ideal relationship.


The longer you stay, the longer you will stay.

People get comfortable and settle and when they get serious about leaving 10, 15, 20 years have passed. You then think it's too late. We have kids, pets, homes, etc. Why upset what we have? Settling is not serving you well.

It will affect you physically.

Have you seen people that seem to glow? They are peaceful and content. They have boundaries and fiercely protect their emotional and mental health. When you are in a relationship that isn't serving you, the stress and anxiety wear on your face, your body, your hair and even your hands. Be healthy from the inside out!

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