Relationship Real Estate

Ah real estate! We’ve all spent time looking for a place to live and call home and when we do, we have pretty strong criteria for what we want in a place and what we don’t. It’s important, right?


Have you ever dabbled in relationship real estate? It’s pretty much the same although this time we are picking a partner and not bricks and mortar. We have criteria for what type of person we want and what we really don’t want. Think about it. What kind of state was your relationship in when you found it? What did you seek out? Some people love a fixer upper, some like move in ready and too many people like the condemned building. Let’s see what’s on the market and what sells at the relationship real estate brokerage.


The Fixer Upper

Some just love a fixer upper! They are fairly popular at this brokerage.  They are rough on the outside, but they have good bones. They have a lot of potential and can be molded and created into something that we can be proud of. Something perhaps sophisticated and cozy?

Move In Ready

The move in ready! The move in ready has done all the heavy lifting for you. Everything has been thought about here. They are polished, strong, have great foundations and are ready for any storm that comes their way! A strong contender. Not always the most popular.


The Condemned Building

For some reason the condemned buildings get far too much attention at this brokerage which is strange as they are usually about to collapse. Not only that, they can cause the homeowner pain and damage as they are a fire hazard. They sometimes have exposed nails and potential falling debris. However, the buyer loves the idea of the project. They either can’t see how broken the building is until they get to know its four walls or they feel they can single handedly turn it into a dream home.

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